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Hidden Face: Photo-Collage Workshop with Essentials

Essentials, Natalia (detail), 2016. 9" x 12". Collaged laser print on paper.

Essentials, Natalia (detail), 2016. 9" x 12". Collaged laser print on paper.

Date:  August 18, 2016
Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Admission:  $5.00 or Free for Members

Artists collective Essentials will lead a photo collage workshop using techniques from their works on display in Young Latino Artists 21: Amexican@. Guests will learn about the pre-production, production, and post-production process. This includes using reference images, styling, modeling, printing, and collaging their own expressive portraiture. Materials will be provided.

Essentials is a creative multi-media team experimenting in photography, film, graphic design, illustration, collage, fashion imagery, projection, digital art, and music. Part of the extensive media exploration is due to the fluidity of the members’ participating in one another’s respective areas of expertise. The group originated with members Daecos Omoxi (event manager, musician, and DJ), Fabian Villa (photographer and videographer), Sixto-Juan Zavala (graphic designer, illustrator, VJ), and Steven Casanova (photographer and videographer) staging events with DJs or musicians, live projected visuals, and event photography. The team members fluctuate based upon the project. Essentials has recently been focusing on fashion imagery. More frequent collaborators have become highly involved members, including Kim Cardenas (musician and DJ), Fabian Diaz (hair, makeup, and jewelry design), Jonathan Dru Acosta (stylist and model), Misa Yamamoto (graphic designer), and Nina Hawkins (photographer and videographer). New collaborators are continually brought into the fold. It is important to note how the projects have blurred the fields and become exercises in collaboration. Fluidity, diversity, experimentation, and collaboration are the threads that always run through Essentials projects, no matter the medium. 

View more of their work here:
Facebook: @essentials210
Instagram: @essentialsstudio

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