Date: October 28, 2017
Location: 4th Street between Colorado and Brazos St.
Time: 12:00 noon—8:00 pm
Admission:  FREE

The Viva la Vida Street Festival is composed of four major areas: Calavera Central, Muertos Mercado, the Education Pavillion, and Lowrider Lane. Each location offers exciting ways to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos. Explore more below!




East Stage



Austin Lowriding presents lowriders, bikes, chrome, and more alongside a showcase of talents on the East Stage.

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"The mission of Austin Lowriding, founded by Robert Rodriguez, Jr. in Austin, TX, is to bring together individuals of diverse cultures and to provide opportunities for them to enhance through education, community involvement, and special recognition. Austin Lowriding is home to the world-class car culture with lustering chrome, customized engraving, and elaborate artistic paintings that proudly cruise on whitewall tires and wire spoke wheels, including an extensive hydraulics set-up that enables the car to bounce up and down. From the classic cars, hot rods, and luxury rides sharing the roadways there is a growing community of lowriders. It’s a unique lifestyle and a family thing where everyone is welcome to share their passion. Austin Lowriding has curated many car shows, meets, and memorable events to display the work of creative lowrider masterpieces from the greater Austin area and continues to have a significant impact on preserving the lowrider tradition, culture, and unity." 

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A special thank you to our 5th Street Partners!