La Catrina Ball, 2017.

Sunday, October 20, 2019
Fonda San Miguel

2330 W N Loop Blvd, Austin, TX 78756

  • 5:30 -6:30 pm Cocktail

  • 6:30- 9:00 pm Dinner & Program

Now in its fifth year, and following many years of the Gala del Museo, the Catrina Dinner Gala is a spirited annual fundraising event that reminisces the past and recognizes Mexic-Arte Museum’s present accomplishments in visual art and culture. The evening will be a celebration and exploration of Mexico’s indigenous roots at the historic Fonda San Miguel restaurant. The Catrina Dinner Gala welcomes some of Austin’s greatest luminaries for a night of art and philanthropy. Join us this year, as we commemorate thirty-five years in Austin with critically acclaimed exhibitions, award-winning education programs, and unique cultural events that serve the community and schools. Your generous support during this year’s Catrina Gala Dinner will propel Mexic-Arte Museum into the future, as it prepares to renovate its building, located on 5th Street and Congress Avenue in downtown Austin, and continues to stand as “The Official Mexican and Mexican American Fine Art Museum of Texas.”


Lifetime Achievement Award in the Visual Arts

Sergio Bustamante


Sergio Bustamante was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa in 1949 and studied architecture at the University of Guadalajara. Mr. Bustamante’s first art exhibition showed paintings and paper mache figures at the Galeria Misrachi in Mexico City in 1966. In 1975, Bustamante was part of a group of artists that established the “Family Workshop Studio” in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico. For over fifty years, Mr. Bustamante has created beautiful paintings and sculptures and exhibited in museum and private collections. His work is part of the Fonda San Miguel Collection and patrons have enjoyed his art for years. Most recently, Mr. Bustamante’s piece entitled “El Lector” became part of the Austin Central Library’s permanent collection. Mexic-Arte Museum honors Mr. Bustamante with the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Visual Arts as a painter and sculptor to recognize his legacy and commitment to the arts.


Patron of the Arts

Delia Sifuentes


Delia Sifuentes is a native of Austin; she attended Bickler Elementary, Palm School and Austin High and graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Mrs. Sifuentes is the niece of the prominent Mexican painter, Ruben Herrera. With assistance from Mrs. Sifuentes’s diligent research and archive, Mexic-Arte Museum learned of Ruben Herrera, who founded the Painting Academy of Saltillo and influenced generations of artists in North Mexico. Through this strong connection to Saltillo, Mexic-Arte presented the exhibition, Ruben Herrera: Master Artists and Teacher in 2010 in collaboration with the Austin-Saltillo Sister Cities Association. This exhibition created closer international ties to Saltillo and gathered over a hundred family members from both sides of the border. Mrs. Sifuentes is an active member of the community, supporting education programs and Mexic-Arte Museum for many years. Mexic-Arte Museum is honored to know and work with Mrs. Sifuentes, who inspires us daily in preserving and presenting the best of our culture.


Patron of the Arts

James M. Nias


James M. Nias is a partner of Jackson Walker law firm in Austin, Texas. James M. Nias is a former Assistant City Attorney for the City of Austin. He received his B.A. from the University of Houston and earned his J.D. at the University of Houston Law Center. Mr. Nias has extensive experience in land use and development real estate transactions among other property related laws. Mr. Nias is passionate about Austin and helping non-profit organizations like others at Jackson Walker. For almost 20 years, Mr. Nias has been heavily involved in Mexic-Arte Museum serving on the Board of Directors of Mexic-Arte Museum as the Legal Counsel. Donating counseling to the Museum and attending endless hours of meetings, Mr. Nias assisted MexicArte Museum through not one, but two successful Bond elections and execution of Bond agreements with the City of Austin. Mexic-Arte Museum truly appreciates Mr. Nias and his service to the Museum.


Special Recognition

Fonda San Miguel


Fonda San Miguel was founded in 1975 by Miguel Ravago and Tom Gilliland and has served the Austin public and visitors authentic and regional Mexican cuisines in atmosphere of museum quality art, luscious plants and décor ever since. The Fonda San Miguel collection includes works by Sergio Bustamante, Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Zuniga, Rodolfo Morales and many other prominent artists. Fonda San Miguel hosted the Frida’s Fiestas in the 1990s and generously donated artworks to the Mexic-Arte Museum. Now celebrating over four decades of culinary artistry, and through the work of the visionary Tom Gilliland, Fonda San Miguel is one of the most significant restaurants in the United States. We thank Mr. Gilliland for the generosity in hosting the Catrina Gala Dinner 2019 and support of MexicArte Museum.


Calavera Catrina,  José Guadalupe Posada. Zinc etching, 1910.

Calavera Catrina, José Guadalupe Posada. Zinc etching, 1910.

Who is La Catrina?

The first image of La Catrina appeared as a zinc etching originally created by José Guadalupe Posada for a satirical leaflet produced in 1910. While most of his work was unknown during his life, Posada’s images were reintroduced to the public by Jean Charlot and Diego Rivera. Rivera popularized La Calavera Catrina in his mural Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park (1947), and she has since become a time honored symbol for Día de los Muertos that is embraced and celebrated by millions every year.


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