Photo of Ballenarca

Photo of Ballenarca

2018 Viva La Vida Artists in Residence

The Artist in Residency Program at Mexic-Arte Museum offers contemporary artists a spotlight during our Viva La Vida Festival and Parade. Working with music, theater, costume, painting, video, sculpture and dance this year's invitation goes to members of KUNIKLO Collective and Austin-based artists Diego Mireles Duran and Cheraya Esters. KUNIKLO Collective is comprised of Olivia Warner, Jose Luis Sanabria and Luis Gabriel Sanabria and Sebastian Turner.  Their practice centers around themes of nature, culture, rituals, and investigations into literary and philosophical theory.  

Diego Mireles Duran is a transmedia artist from Mexico and based out of Austin. His work deals with the ethereal and spiritual exploration and articulated with Latino optical vocabulary. 

Cheraya Esters is an Austin-based maker seeking out to build new experiences for people to engage with each other and their environment in unexpected fantastical ways. 

The group has previously created and toured Ballenarca, a giant whale puppet, and will be creating  an alebrije-inspired kinetic sculpture for the 2018 Viva La Vida Parade.